iCaption is a simple-to-use soft subtitle editor, utilizing timeline based editing. The file formats currently supported are SubRip and YouTube.

What are soft subtitles? Soft subs are external files stored separately from the video file. They are called soft, because they are not hard-encoded into each video frame; they are rendered in real-time. Most modern video players support soft subs and can manage multiple files for quick and easy swapping of languages.

Features and Capabilities


In order to run iCaption, your Mac computer must meet the following requirements:

What's New

iCaption 2.0.0 (Coming soon to the Mac App Store)

Release history

iCaption 1.2.1

iCaption 1.2.0

iCaption 1.1.0

iCaption 1.0.1

iCaption 1.0.0